De-risking and measurements of climate impacts

De-risking and measurements of climate impacts

Uncertainty plays a contribution to companies’ inherent risk and financial stability.  Grupo Laera has formulated an approach leveraging deep expertise in Finance, Risk and Climate to combine a comprehensive assessment of your institutions’ financial ability to withstand climate uncertainty. We leverage a comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) scheme, modelling of climate events (water, temperature, wind) and provide financial assessments to provide metrics of financial impact as a result of a climate event. As part of our offering we have access to solutions in which we provide financing instruments, insurance and competitive insight to mitigate risk to public sector, private sector, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).




  • Risk and revenue stability protection against catastrophe caused by weather.  Schemes customized to provide stability in earnings, re-capitalizing assets and replacement funds for infrastructure lost due climate events.
  •  Utilize risk financing models to determine the optimal and cost efficient allocation of balance sheet capital to risk allocation contingencies that are to be retained and financed within the organization.  Such models can provide the following:
  •  Determine intrinsic valuations of projected hedging and/or insurance costs from the risk models to provide a decision matrix to establish cost parameters on acceptable risk and/or insurance structured transactions under consideration in order to establish discipline approach to risk funding decisions.
  •  Determine organizational cost of risk and evaluate the relative cost benefit of each material risk issue in relation to overall risk funding decision making and planning.
  •  Solutions to secure risk financing options to de-leverage the financial impact of damage caused by lack of rainfall, high amounts of rainfall and/or other related climate issues.
  •  Access across the world of global climate & adaptation experts to weigh in or contribute to your institutions climate & risk mitigation efforts.


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