Financial resources search

Financial resources search

Our consultants know the operational reality of financial entities (systems, organization and processes). We offer an integral service, we accompany our customers from project planning to implementation and follow-up, advising on:

  • Diagnosis
  • Define needs.
  • Documentation
  • Financial Partners
  • Financial strategies




Diagnosis: We advise analyzing our clients’ financial needs based on their business goals, and help them to answer key questions: why do we need funding?, how much do we need?,  for how long?.

Define needs: We help our clients in their search for the most appropriate funding or credit in all financial services available.

Documentation: We advise our clients on the organization and presentation of all commercial, operational, fiscal and credit documentation; in such a way that it reflects professionalism throughout its operational history.

Financial partner: We accompany our clients on the selection of the best financial creditor, we ensure that the financial entity understands our clients’ business and provides a service according to their needs. We make available for  our clients our experience and contacts to increase their negotiation capacity with the big banks.

Financial strategy: Advise our clients on their financial strategy to clearly understand their finances and credit payments, and thus strengthen their credit history, which in turn will allow their businesses to access to more credits in the future.

Benefits for the organization

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